10 Things About Kerry & Andy

10 Things About Kerry & Andy

Hiiii! We wanted to do something a little different today and tell you about ourselves. I mean, you’re here, so you kind of know who we are, but we don’t really talk much about ourselves as much as we talk about like, our house and stuff. You know? So, let’s get to know each other a little better, ok?!

About Kerry…

  1. I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska until we moved to a small town near Lansing, Michigan, when I was 13. It was total culture shock.
  2. For my part-time day job, I’m a Marketing Assistant at a bridal shop, and my main duty is to write their blog, www.clebridalbook.com.
  3. I have a master’s degree in Canadian Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Yes, I actually did write my master’s thesis on hockey!
  4. I was in the cross country ski club in elementary school.
  5. When my job got transferred from Detroit to Cleveland nine years ago, I planned on staying just a few months, but I had so much fun in Cleveland I never got around to leaving!
  6. Joey is the first baby I’ve ever held. Yes, EVER!
  7. Andy and I worked together in the same department for two years before we ever spoke.
  8. I was a cheerleader all through high school.
  9. I haven’t eaten any kind of poultry since my roommate wrote a paper about chicken inspection in our freshman year of college. Ewww!
  10. In 7th grade, my nickname was Rowdy. In high school, my nickname was Kerry Bird (because my legs were so skinny!), and in college my friends always called me KB for Kerry Berry.

About Andy…

  1. I am an incredibly picky eater. With the new addition to the family, I’m hoping to be a lot more open to new foods. I don’t want my baby girl to end up like me, and, for example, not eat honey until she’s in her mid 20s, and then compensate by eating a spoonful of honey every day.
  2. I tend to obsess about hobbies for about 6 months at a time, and then move on to something new.
  3. I have the same birthday as my grandpa on my mom’s side of the family, which made parties very fun as a kid since EVERYONE in the family was there.
  4. When I was 18, I cracked my skull while skateboarding a week before leaving for college (I haven’t skated since).
  5. Most of my best friends tell me that they thought I disliked them when we first met. I guess my shyness comes off as disinterest.
  6. I’ve toured the country playing drums in three different bands.
  7. In 2009 I didn’t shave for the entire year. I was worried my work wouldn’t be cool with this idea, so I turned it into Year of the Beard, and raised money for the Cleveland Domestic Violence Center along the way (people would donate for every month I went without shaving).
  8. I love to travel but I really don’t like to fly … hence my obsession with points to attempt to fly first class everywhere.
  9. I currently live in a house that is 99% the exact same floor plan as the house I grew up in, which is weird.
  10. I would say I am one of Cleveland’s top 500 rappers.

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