2013: what a year!

2013: what a year!

This was such a fun year for us — the year we started to tackle some huge house renovations and fun DIY projects, we went on some awesome vacations, and we made some huge changes to our lives. I love taking a little time at the end of the year to look back at the year that was, and also make plans for the new year. Today we want to share a few of our favorite things from 2013, and then over the next couple of days we’ll be talking about some big plans for 2014!

1. Favorite DIY project: barn door headboard! I still am madly in love with our headboard. Some other favorite projects this year: polka dot lampshade, kitchen herb garden (even though we don’t have it anymore!), and heart elbow patches.

2. Favorite big house project: new back deck! Our back deck doubled our outdoor space — and the stairs don’t wobble anymore! We aren’t counting our kitchen and bathrooms as done yet, so I guess those will be on next year’s list!

3. Favorite vacation: Los Angeles! We went on so many great trips this year, but our trip to LA in February was a major highlight. Traverse City, Michigan in August was a super close second. (We also had a lot of fun in South Carolina, Philadelphia (twice), and Cancun.)

4. Favorite ice cream(s): it’s a tie between bourbon vanilla with a bourbon caramel swirl and strawberry margarita! It’s no secret around here that we love ice cream. It helps when you have a semi-pro ice cream maker in the family! We also had fun at Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills and Graeters in Columbus.

5. Favorite life-changing event: I quit my job! Eek. Totally terrifying but totally worth it.

And finally… Favorite cat photo: Trixie’s little feet! Well, you didn’t think we’d end the year without one more cat photo, right?!

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