2017 To-Do List

2017 To-Do List

Holy Moly, you guys, we’re back!!!! We have about a million things to update you on, including Joey’s first birthday and some major changes in the family room. But since this is the first post of 2017, I always like to start the year with a to-do list … Just like I start every single day with a to-do list (Andy calls me the “Girl of 100 Lists” like the Go Go’s song!).

This year we’re not planning any major renovations — can you believe it?! Our main goal for the year is to really finish up the rest of the house that we either haven’t started yet or is sort of half done ish. That means focussing on some updates to the untouched third bedroom and third bathroom, as well as our ensuite bath, making some other spaces more organized and useful, and finishing some projects we’ve already started, like the entryway and kitchen. Rather than big construction projects, this year is a lot more about decorating and fine tuning… my favorite!

In 2016 we did A LOT. Had a baby. Completely gutted a third of our house. Lived in a construction zone the better part of the year. This year I choose vacation over renovation!!

Stay tuned for a bunch of updates soon. My plan for the blog is … to not have a plan. I was completely stressing myself out trying to do three Burritos and Bubbly posts a week along with three posts a week for my real job, and I realized that’s so much work and so unnecessary and also so not happening. So now I’m going to post here once a week or so, when I can, because it’s fun and I/we love it!

P.S. If you’re looking to up your to-do-list game, I print out one of these pretties from Alice and Lois first thing every Monday and they are perfect for keeping me on point throughout the week. If they weren’t pretty, I wouldn’t use them, let’s be honest.

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