A carnival of a wedding

A carnival of a wedding

Yay, Wedding Wednesday is BACK. I took a couple weeks off because I was so busy with other things (Halloween is important, everyone!), but I’m back on track. And, wow, you’re in for a treat. I’m sharing with you today one of my all-time favorite weddings. It was years ago that I first saw photos from this wedding, and it might even be embarrassing to admit how many times I’ve gone back to look at them. It’s just that good.

Halli and Adam (I can tell I’d like them if I knew them) had a carnival/county fair-themed wedding in a barn in Georgia. She’s a professional stylist, which really explains everything. The attention to detail and, well, the details themselves, are simply fantastic. This is not one of those pretentious “elegant affairs”; it’s just a really awesome party. With a kissing booth. Which all good parties should have, right? I love that the bride wore the shortest dress and changed from little flats to Keds for the reception. Seriously, so good.

I could babble on about it for a while, but there’s no point when you should just look at the pictures yourself. And, check out even more pictures on Once Wed here, here, here and here. This wedding was also featured in a recent issue of Country Living (I may have squealed when I saw it, “I know this wedding!”), and you can check that out here.

And the invitations…

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? Looks like a fun party, right?

All photos by Josh Goleman (his portfolio is worth checking out)

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