A month before the wedding!

A month before the wedding!

Less than a month! Less than month! Andy and I will be married in less than a month!

We’re still pounding through our to-do list, both wedding and house related. And we’re doing pretty awesome…. even though yesterday we did absolutely 100% nothing except sit on the couch watching bad movies on ABC Family… which was also awesome. (Why did all the girls have a crush on Ralph Macchio? He was such a nerd with a bad attitude in Karate Kid, right?)

So you may remember a few weeks ago I shared our around-the-house to-do list, and I’m quite proud to give you an update.

  • paint bedroom — We realized we didn’t have time to paint the entire bedroom, so we patched it up and made it look nice and pretty.  We’ll definitely repaint it AW (after wedding).
  • paint hallway — Done done and done! I love the yellow paint in the hall and will share photos soon (but my idea of “soon” probably means weeks from now).
  • hang bedroom curtains — Well, not yet.  Maybe eventually? We are having a slight argument about how long this will take.
  • fix kitchen paint — Yes! Sometimes you put off a project for years, and when you finally do it, and it takes five minutes tops, you just kind of want to kick yourself for putting it off for so long. But, still, it’s done now and it’s fantastic.
  • set up third floor guest room — Done! We went with a nautical theme. Now we just need to have a guest.
  • plant flower boxes — Well, with a snow advisory today, we certainly can’t plant anything yet. (Snow! are you kidding me?!)
  • clean up yard — Half done! Andy’s parents have been helping with this and are completely amazing.
  • We’ve finished some other projects around the house that weren’t on our wedding to-do list. We got that crazy bundle of chords removed in the old guest room/new office and fixed the leaky sink in the basement. We’re working on having our garage/barn torn down and re-built, and someone is coming out this afternoon to look at it. We also are working with the Cleveland Restoration Society to find out the historical paint colors for the exterior of our house, so we can have the house repainted this summer (fingers crossed for bright, happy colors, and anything other than beige and brown!).

    This picture is completely unrelated to our to-do list, but Trixie just makes me laugh. Partly because she’s so fat and partly because she’s so weird.

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