A really cute wedding video

A really cute wedding video

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could re-live your first date? Photographer Kien Liam created the most amazing time-lapse video of a couple’s first date using about 1,000 photos, and it makes me so happy. Found via Green Wedding Shoes.

But you know what the thing is about first dates? As exciting and fun and new as they are, they’re nothing compared to how wonderful it feels when that other person has seen you at your worst, all runny and snotty and sick, and they still want to sit next to you on the couch all day in pjs watching Christmas movies. I’d trade in a million first dates for that. Minus the part where I’m runny and snotty and sick.

And just for fun, isn’t this the most beautiful photo?

via Style Me Pretty Some huge, huge wedding developments on our end this week. Woo! We met with photographer Rob at Rad Photographer and wedding planner Valarie of Kirkbrides, and we’re super happy with both of them. We also have the final version of our save the dates from Shannon at Clubhouse Creative, so they’ll be going out soon. Yay, it feels soooo good to get things done, and to have help from so many wonderful people!

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