Baby’s Room 12-Week Challenge: Week Five

Baby’s Room 12-Week Challenge: Week Five

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is our crib was delivered and Andy put it together Sunday (with a little help from a friend).

I LOVE seeing a crib in here and knowing it’ll have a little tiny baby in it so soon! This is the same crib we have for Joey, the Sundvik crib from Ikea. We’ve talked about it before because we’re huge fans. It’s simple and modern, doesn’t take up much space, is only $120 and took Andy maybe 15 minutes to put together, which is so rare when it comes to Ikea furniture!

We hung the new bamboo blinds, which look awesome and totally make the room feel beachy. They’re the same blinds we have in our kitchen. Since we wanted to outside-mount the blinds, we ordered them a couple of inches wider than our windowframe, which allows the blinds to completely hide the frame when lowered.

We also installed the ceiling light fixture. It’s so hard to find a flush-mount that isn’t a not-so-attractive boob light, but they’re definitely out there if you look! I love the drum fixtures from CB2. We have the same flush-mounts in our family room, and the floor-lamp version in our living room. The flush-mounts are simple and clean, provide good light with two bulbs, and are really inexpensive at only $69.95.

And, finally, as you can see, we put down the rug that we’ve been saving all this time. It fits perfectly in the room and looks so good with the blue wall color.


This is the bad news…

The rug is FILTHY!

We used to have this rug in our living room but replaced it with a darker grey rug. We packed up this one thinking maybe we’d need it some day. Why the heck we didn’t we just get rid of it?? But somehow we totally forgot just HOW dirty the rug was and when we had a nursery to plan it was AH-HA!! let’s use this rug we already have! it’s perfect for a little boy! we can use the colors as the inspiration for the room! and it’s free! But, no. It’s so bad.

I researched cleaning methods, but we’d need a few days of sunny, humidity-free, rain-free weather to allow the rug enough time to dry outside before it starts to mold … in Northeast Ohio? Never going to happen! Plus by the time we rent all the cleaning equipment, with no guarantee it would even work… well, we might as well just get a new rug.

So. We can buy the same one, and it’s actually quite affordable for such a big rug at just $225. Or we can do something completely different. What we ended up deciding is that a white shag rug is actually NOT the most practical thing for a baby’s room, as much as we love how it looks and how soft it is. But we know how many times gross things have landed on the rug in Joey’s room, from spit up to shredded dirty diapers (thanks Ruby). If a dirty diaper got shredded on a white shag rug, I shudder to think how hard that would be to clean.

On to Plan B.

Since we’re going for casual, cool and beachy, a natural fiber rug seems like the perfect choice. The neutral color is good for the room, the texture would add a nice element and they’re easier to keep clean. Now that we’ve hung the bamboo blinds, we actually think a natural fiber rug could look even BETTER than the white shag — so maybe this isn’t all bad news after all!

We looked through the sale selection at Rugs USA, our favorite source for inexpensive rugs (not sponsored!) and chose a few that we like…

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I could choose any of these! I like the subtle pattern on #1 or even the bolder pattern on #3, and #4 is so whimsical and fun. The bleached jute color of #2 would be a nice contrast to the room’s wood floors (it looks better in other photos on the website) and would keep the room light and bright. We’re currently leaning towards #2, but what do YOU guys think? Hm, sounds like it’s time for another poll!! (I love polls!)

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So it was two steps forward and one step back this week, and that’s ok. Stressful, for sure, but designing a room is never a straightforward process. I’m super curious to hear what you think about the rug and the rest of the room!

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