Baby’s Room 12-Week Challenge: Week One

Baby’s Room 12-Week Challenge: Week One

Prep prep preppy prep.

This weekend was dedicated to prep work. It’s boring, but it has to happen. We cleaned, we scrubbed, we took down the old curtain/curtain rod, we patched holes, and we started priming. And by “we” I mean Andy did every one of those things and I did nothing. Well, I did other things, like entertain a 16-month-old and go to the grocery store and bake a cake and go to the gym.

For the last year this room functioned as our “cat room.” If you have a cat, you know what I mean. It’s the room where the litter box goes, where the food and water bowls go, where all the cat hair goes. It was pretty gross, to be honest. A few weeks ago we moved Mocha’s box and bowls to the basement (more on the adorable cat door we installed later!). We also had an extra bedframe in there, since we planned on eventually setting up the room as a guest room/office, so we sold that bed last week and got the room all cleared out. It’s always so helpful to be able to stand in an empty room and visualize where things will actually go. It’ll be even better when we actually have anything to put in there!

Hopefully next week’s update will be more exciting! And photogenic.

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