Back to (Pre)School… in Style!

Back to (Pre)School… in Style!

Two big things are happening that have me totally stunned …

  1. It’s already back to school time.
  2. We have a three-and-a-half-year-old who is starting preschool for the first time!!

We are equally so ready for Joanna to start school and a little shocked that it’s happening already. Is she really that big already? She has a couple more weeks before her preschool starts in early September, and I know she’s going to love it since she’s going to an awesome school. I think she’ll thrive in a school environment and it’s going to be a great year for her… But first of course she’s gotta have some new clothes!

I’ll admit, I’m up waaaay past my bedtime putting together this post, but, well, I’m not mad about it. Looking at kid’s clothes is basically my favorite hobby! I gathered some pieces that I truly love, some of which I actually did order for Joey, or currently have in my cart, or just really want. And just FYI, for this post I stuck to only girls’ clothes since Olly isn’t going to preschool quite yet (next year, wow!).

polka dot raincoat, Zara |rose gold shoes, H&M | Hogwarts rugby shirt, Mini Boden | floral dress, H&M | corduroy leggings, Mini Boden | Hedwing overalls, Mini Boden | jogger jeans, H&M | peplum top, Gap | ankle socks, H&M | yellow cardigan, H&M | pink jean jacket, Gap | boots, Old Navy | plaid shirt, Old Navy

On second thought, do any of these come in my size?

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