B&B In the News + Other Stuff

B&B In the News + Other Stuff

Ruby got a very much-needed haircut on Monday — her first ever! — and she looks like a whole new, super cute, and much cleaner dog. (I mean did you see that picture we posted last Friday? Yikes.) This is where she spends most of her time when we’re at the new house, standing in front of the back door watching the squirrels. I had to put some tape on the screen because she keeps running into it, but she looks right at the tape and still runs into it! Silly dog.

So we’re VERY excited to have found ourselves in the news a few times lately! It’s super flattering to us that we’re being recognized as DIY bloggers, because it’s something we’re really passionate about, but yet it’s easy to feel intimidated by some fancy pants bloggers who seem to have their stuff together a lot more than we do. We’re always sort of playing catch up, scrambling to finish a project, rushing to write a blog post, really just trying to figure things out as we go. But Andy and I do what we LOVE to do and have a GREAT time doing it. We love creating projects and sharing them with you — and hopefully that shows!

So check us out, being all famous…

While I’m at it, I haven’t shared any links in a loooong time, so let’s go for it. Here’s a few things I’ve been into lately…

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I have the best news ever: tomorrow, we’re sleeping in! Yep, it deserves bold, italics AND an underline. Our plan is to have a relaxing Saturday morning for the first time in months, before we have to get to work on this whole moving business again (soooo sick of moving). I hope you all have a great one!!!

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