Burrito Mondays: Ohio City Burrito

Burrito Mondays: Ohio City Burrito

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am a burrito addict. Certifiably. A few weeks ago, I started a little thing called “Burrito Mondays.” Kerry often can’t make it home from work on Monday nights for “lunch,” and I didn’t feel like cooking dinner for one, so I started going out to my favorite burrito shop, Ohio City Burrito.

OCB, as we call it, really has become my favorite burrito place. Probably unfairly, it’s easy to compare them to Chipotle, but in my mind, the two are totally different. OCB sort of feels like your neighborhood hang out, and the staff is always so friendly. Every time we go, the people there act like they know us. That might be because I have 13 check-ins on Yelp … and there were many before that before I even had the Yelp app.

My go-to burrito is the chicken with guacamole, refried beans, medium salsa, rice, and cheese. I love that refried beans are an option, and they’re packed with flavor. The burritos are the perfect size, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat a giant burrito. But you can walk away from OCB and not feel grossly overfed.

So, if you’re ever in Ohio City, I highly recommend stopping in to Ohio CIty Burrito. And feel free to let me if you’ll be there. I need like 13 more check-ins on Yelp to be the duke.

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