Burritos, Accordions, and Guinness Floats

Burritos, Accordions, and Guinness Floats

It’s been a slightly productive week as far as my 30 before 30 list goes. I got a few things crossed off the list. Some more exciting than others. I also started number 2, Beat a Video Game, with a game that I don’t think I’ll be able to beat in time. That’ll be a challenge.

On to the ones I did accomplish.

5. Eat a burrito

As anyone who knows me probably knew, this one was a no brainer. On Saturday we went to my favorite burrito place in the city, Ohio City Burrito. As usual, I was done before Kerry had even eaten a quarter of hers. In her defense, she did have to take this picture of me.

7. Figure out fantasy hockey

I’m not doing very good with my team (which is called Lady Bugs), but I at least understand how the whole thing works. Sort of. I don’t really get the scoring, but I do know that goals and assists are good. That’s good enough for me.

8. Finalize the Pints and Pints stamp

Very exciting news. After months of not replying to emails, I finally got my act together and picked the Pints and Pints stamp I’m going to use. I’m not sure when I’ll receive the final product by, but I’ll be sure to show everyone once it’s in. And I’ll probably just start stamping things randomly.

9. Find an accordion

Since our Italy trip, I’ve had a strong desire to learn to play the accordion. Luckily, my cousins had one lying around in their basement. How fortunate! They are letting me borrow it while I learn. It’s the Ferrari of accordions. No, literally. It’s made by a company called Ferrari.

17. Have a Guinniess/ice cream float

Years ago, at a party, I saw a friend put some ice cream in a glass, and pour some Guinness into it. We talked for a while about Doc from John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row ordering a beer milkshake, which was the inspiration for his little party trick. That was long before Pints and Pints ever existed in my mind, but it has always been a driving force behind my business idea. I figured if this is going to be a staple on the Pints and Pints menu, I should eventually try one. I used some chocolate and Guinness ice cream I had made (which was lacking any real Guinness flavor – I need to tweak that recipe), and a pint of Guinness. The result was … interesting. I think the trick might be to let the ice cream melt a little more. It was so cold that the foam from the Guinness would touch the ice cream and freeze into little ice crystals almost immediately. I drank/ate a lot of this with a spoon. When I got the right spoonful, the perfect mixture of Guinness and smooth chocolatey ice cream, it was perfection. But a few spoonfuls were an odd combination of icey foam coated chocolate ice cream. Overall though, it was worth it, and I’d definitely try it again. Although I can’t imagine ever doing two in one sitting.

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