Cabin Living Room + Kitchen — Photo and Video Tour!

Cabin Living Room + Kitchen — Photo and Video Tour!

Yippee! The post we have been so excited for is finally here! Last weekend Andy and I finally went up to the cabin for the first time since we bought the place. We took a whole bunch of photos and filmed a video walkthrough of the whole house. Since there’s so many photos and the video is pretty long (we have so much to say!!), we’re going to break it up into three separate posts, the way the house naturally divides: the living room and kitchen, the downstairs bedroom and bathroom, and finally the master bedroom upstairs.

Check out our video walkthrough of the cabin’s living room and kitchen!

(Don’t worry everybody, your smoke detector battery isn’t beeping — it’s ours! One of the smoke detectors at the cabin was beeping, so we bought some new batteries, only to realize we didn’t have a ladder to get high enough to change it. So, ignore the beeps in the video, haha!)

The living room and kitchen are in the original log cabin part of the house, built in about 1972. The architect was reportedly inspired by 17th century ships, complete with that ship’s ladder you see front and center that goes up to the loft!

There’s basically four separate spaces in here: the sunken living room with built-in sofas, the galley kitchen, a dining area, and a space that we can’t quite figure out what the architect intended (which is where we’re standing while taking the photos above).

To help orient you, the front door is ahead on the back right of this photo above, where you see blue. There’s a mudroom along with a laundry room near the front door. You can also see the loft up above. We’ll need to make some changes to the railings (and stairs) to make it safer before anyone will be allowed to go up there.

(Ignore all the plastic. That’s just how we found the place.) The two couches are “built in” to the stone, but we’re pretty sure they’re essentially regular couches without legs. The rumor is they were designed by the architect, but to me they don’t appear to be particularly special or outstanding in any way… so we might replace them. What do you think of that?

There’s a built in dining table that’s clearly not original. I’d like to update it to something fun.

And the kitchen. Oh that poor kitchen. The oversized fridge takes up half the space! Does anyone really need such a big fridge in a vacation home?

Then there’s this bright blue shabby chic paint treatment on the upper cabinets. I see where they were going with it, but, well, no.

My guess is the lowers may be original or at least are old. They’re kind of fun, but as you can see they’re barely hanging on. We’re going to start fresh with brand new everything, that hopefully just works better for the space.

The previous owners left a lot of stuff behind, including their dog bed and a bunch of dog toys!

One of the things that made us love this house was all the details, from built-in shelves and hidden cabinets tucked away throughout the home to the original lights with all their amazing patina.

Ok, that’s part one of our tour! Stay tuned for the downstairs bedroom and bathroom tours on Wednesday!

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