Cabin Master Bedroom Design Plan

Cabin Master Bedroom Design Plan

I’m so excited to share what might be my favorite room plan for the cabin!! Of all the rooms, the master bedroom is the one I have the clearest vision for … i.e. the one that I’ve changed my mind about the least! (Because, whoops, we have changed quite a bit in the kitchen since we shared the plans with you!) But the master, well, I started putting together this moodboard months ago and it’s staying true. Of course, this is just a loose idea of what the room will most likely look like, but we have already bought a lot of it!

The vision for the master bedroom is for it to be a calm oasis. We want the rest of the house to be fun and colorful and quirky, and then the master to be focused on serenity and relaxation, while also staying true to an overall midcentury/1970s vibe. Our inspiration is sunrises over the lake, with blues and whites and a hint of orange, and we mostly want all of the decor to complement the amazing 180-degree lake views rather than distract from what’s going on outside the windows.

It all starts with the bed. We knew we wanted a wood frame with an upholstered headboard. This room has a lot of wood and glass and sharp angles, so adding upholstery and textiles will help to really soften it. I’ve been in love with CB2’s Drommen Acacia Wood Bed for years, and we actually considered trying to recreate a DIY version of the headboard for our own house, which we never got around to doing. It was the perfect choice for the cabin master in the king size (especially when they emailed me a 15% off that said it wouldn’t work on furniture but I tried it anyway and it DID, yippee! Let that be a lesson to you: just try the code!). I can’t wait to wake up in this bed with 180-degree views of the lake!

On the bed, white sheets, white quilt, a lightweight white and blue blanket, and the most beautiful Pendleton crewel pillow. This pillow is actually the very first thing I picked out for this room! The second I set eyes on it, it instantly made me think of sunrises over the lake with that stunning orange and blue pattern that’s really vibrant in person. It’s sort of traditional cabin-y but also modern and not too cabin-y, if you know what I mean. Oh, and it’s really big. I was so pleasantly surprised when I took it out of the box and saw how big it is. I’m not usually one to spend 60 bucks on a pillow (I gawk at $20!) but this was so worth it and I think it’ll look really pretty on the bed.

The sconces for either side of the bed were a Target find, unfortunately no longer available, but I managed to snag two of them on super clearance for only $24 each, woooo! They’re substantial and just the right amount of vintage and modern.

I’m in love with that sailboat print by Alicia Bock, a hugely talented photographer based in Michigan. I don’t think it will work above the bed like I have it styled in the moodboard, but I would like to put it somewhere if we can find a good spot. Art will be tricky throughout the cabin because of all the wood and windows and lack of wall space. It’s nice to save the money by not having to buy art… but on the other hand, I like finding fun things to put on the walls!

When I had that 15% off coupon from CB2, I also picked up a daybed that folds out to an “oversized queen,” which will be a great additional bed option for renting. That will give us room to sleep six easily with a king, two twins and this daybed queen — plus there’s the couch if necessary and eventually we’d like to put a twin up in the loft once that becomes a safer room, for even more options.

At this point we’re actually leaning towards putting the daybed in the living room instead of the bedroom, because we realized on our most recent visit that it should fit nicely in that sort of awkward nook next to the sunken living room — awkward just in that we can’t figure out what the architect intended that space to be. Also, we think from our own perspective as renters, we’d rather stay in a place where we have more privacy for sleeping, even if that’s a living room, rather than sharing the master bedroom. We’ll just see where everything fits best. It’ll be soooo exciting to take all the furniture to the cabin, hopefully in June, and start moving things around to find the best spots for everything!! If the daybed goes in the living room, we’ll most likely add a small desk and chair to the bedroom for Andy (and guests) to use when he is able to work from “home” at the cabin.

Hm. Maybe we need to take some new pictures without all that plastic around, haha!

Here are all the sources for the master bedroom, as seen in the moodboard above:

There’s a few other things still to decide, like we’ll need to figure out overhead lighting or if we want to keep a ceiling fan because I’m guessing this room gets real warm. (We’re waiting on an estimate for adding air conditioning.) We also haven’t decided on nightstands yet and we’ll want to add a rug, too. Plus I just have no idea what to do about window coverings on those slanted, oddly shaped windows — or do we just leave the windows bare to allow the view in? So many decisions!

We’re planning a trip up to the cabin in a couple of weeks to stay there for the very first time — and with the kids, too! It will be their first time seeing the cabin in person, and Joey talks about it constantly, she’s so excited. So hopefully we’ll get to make a bunch of decisions while we’re there. It will also be funny because there will be essentially no furniture. We’re planning on moving all the furniture up around the end of June (if the couch comes in time, please hurry up couch!!!).

So that’s the master bedroom — what do you think?!

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