Cat for sale

Cat for sale

Aww, look at this sweet face. So cute. So innocent… Then look at what this same girl did to our guest bed. Not cute, Mocha!  NOT CUTE! Anyone want a cat? She answers to the name Mocha. She sleeps all day, loves a belly rub … and poops everywhere. No matter what we did, Mocha insisted on continually using the guest bed as her own personal toilet, despite a litter box being in the same room. There’s no way we could ever actually ask a guest to stay in this bed. Gross. So we decided to just get rid of it. Take that, Mocha! Putting that mattress out in last week’s trash was one of the best feelings ever. 

I’ve always wanted a craft room. I know I’m not exactly the craftiest person ever, but I’d love to have the space to do some projects and set up my sewing machine, with a nice big work table and nice natural light. The guest room was a giant mess anyway, and wasn’t really serving much of a purpose except junk collection. With a little rearranging, we realized we could pull a table from the office across the hall and put it in the space where the bed was, which would give me a perfect workspace.

I also realized I could even move my computer from the office into the new craft room. I despise the awful old metal desk I’m using in the office now. We’ve always planned on getting a new desk someday, but I could never justify the cost of a new one. Why do desks cost so much?! But with our new plan, we can donate the desk we hate, and we’ll also be able to rearrange the office to make it more efficient for Andy’s use.

But you might be thinking, what about a guest room? I mean, yeah, we’ve only had guests once ever, but, still, it would be nice to have the space if we need it. We have two bedrooms on the third floor that we use only for boxes — lots and lots of boxes — and the best part is: the cats don’t go up there! Problem solved. It won’t be too much work to clean out one of the bedrooms and make it a nice guest room, so we won’t be embarrassed to invite anyone over. All we’ll need is a new mattress … and, well, maybe a can of paint, because it is my house after all!

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