CATS! and lots of other stuff: 30 before 30

CATS! and lots of other stuff: 30 before 30

This one starts off with a bang, and we’ve got a lot to cover. Here we go!

1. Annoy Trixie

24. Pet Mocha

I put these two together because I wanted to make it very clear that by doing the exact same thing, I can make one cat miserable and the other cat elated.

Trixie doesn’t really like being picked up. At least she pretends she doesn’t. Sometimes she looks really scared when she’s held but other times she’ll start purring. Mocha absolutely loves it.

I’d also like to point out some major differences in these pictures. But before we begin, if you have trouble distinguishing where my neck beard stops and Trixie begins (top picture), try to find her eyes. Then you can sort of figure out her general shape. The more important thing to look at is my posture. Notice in the top picture that I am leaning back, really supporting a lot of weight. I’ve really got my back into it. In the bottom picture, with Mocha, you’ll see that my right hand is barely doing anything. Dangling, if you will, in a pointless position. Unnecessary even. That is because Trixie is twice as big as Mocha.

4. Call a bank about a loan

Not only did I call a bank, but I had a meeting with a bank representative. It did not go exactly as planned, but it wasn’t bad news by any means. The basic thing I learned: as soon as I get my butt into gear, I can pretty much start Pints & Pints whenever I want. So… I should do that.

6. Eat another burrito

Check. Again.

10. Get sample colors and carpet for office

Inspired by this post that Kerry showed me a while ago from Emily Henderson, I’ve really wanted to redo my office for a while now. Blue is my favorite color. When I was a kid, my bedroom was blue. So when we decided to paint over the brown beige dirty cream weird color that my office currently is, I wanted to do blue. At first, I was leaning towards the one on the right. But re-reading that Emily Henderson post, maybe I do want to go darker. The office is one of the few rooms in the house that gets a lot of natural light so I shouldn’t be too afraid to go a little darker… right? Let me know in the comments which one I should go with. And picking the current wall color is not an option!

As far as floor, we are going to go with Flor. Carpet tiles are relatively cheap, easy to install, and replaceable in case one ever gets damaged. We ordered a few samples this weekend and I’m excited for them to arrive.

12. Go see a movie

We saw A Good Day to Die Hard. I hated it. If you need to read more, see last Friday’s post.

21. Make a decision about something by flipping a coin

We didn’t document this because I did it really fast without telling anyone. Kerry and I were having brunch at XYZ the Tavern, one of our favorite spots in Cleveland. I couldn’t decide between the standard breakfast (eggs, toast, potatoes, bacon) and … something else. As you can imagine, I went with the standard breakfast, because I flipped a coin and that was the winner. It was delicious. The bacon was cooked perfectly. I like my bacon done, but I don’t like it burnt. They know what they’re doing.

25. Ride my bike somewhere

Another one we couldn’t document. Brite Winter Fest, which is a cool little arts and music fest that’s been held in Ohio City for the last two years, was this past weekend. Since it’s pretty close, I decided to ride my bike … in 3 inches of snow. Not the greatest decision, probably, but I made it. Kerry wasn’t feeling too good that night so she stayed in, and I didn’t make her get off the couch just to take a picture of me being a dummy.

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