Ch-ch-ch-changes: Kerry & Co. gets a facelift!

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Kerry & Co. gets a facelift!

Hi friends! I’m really excited to introduce you to a bunch of updates on the blog today. The first change you might notice is a whole new layout with a new logo and header at the top. Polka dots are my favorite!

Another big change that I am so happy about is that Andy is going to start writing regularly. While this has been “my” blog, Andy has always been behind the scenes — and often center stage! — from day one. Andy is a great writer and wanted a space to be able to stretch his own creativity to write about the things that he cares about, so it makes perfect sense for us to share this space. After all, he is the & Co. that makes Kerry & Co. what it is.

You’ll notice that along the top there are some new tabs. Since we’ll most likely talk about wildly different things, you can click on either the “kerry” or “andy” tabs to see just those things, or you can stay on the “home” tab where you’ll see everything. There’s also a new “about” tab where you can learn a little bit more about us.

I’m really excited about these changes and expect to do a bunch more as we continue to make tweaks and add new things. We’re going to have a ton of fun here and can’t wait to share it all with you! I hope you like it!

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