Choosing kitchen hardware

Choosing kitchen hardware

I think it’s the little details that really make a space. Yes, big things like layout and countertops and floors are important, but even the most beautiful cabinets in the world will look bad with the wrong hardware. When we replaced the icky plastic knobs in our old kitchen with new ones, it made a huge difference instantly. I guess this explains why I lie awake at night thinking about drawer pulls and toilet paper holders and all those other tiny details! (Does anyone else have this problem? Just me? haha)

So we accidentally showed you a sneak peek of our new hardware in yesterday’s post about the under-cabinet lighting. Ta-da!

Pretty, right?

If you remember the original plans for our “urban farmhouse” kitchen, we thought at that time that we wanted chrome or stainless steel hardware, like we had in our old kitchen, to match the stainless appliances. But I really want our new kitchen to have a multi-dimensional, layered look, and all that silver and white started to seem to me like it may read flat. So I decided to go with matte black pulls. They’re actually not oil rubbed bronze, but a matte black. I think the black hardware will balance out the grey/black soapstone countertops ((( that are getting installed today, yaaaaaayyyy! ))).

Ha, is there a cat in every post I write about the kitchen? I swear we only have two cats! Sometimes it really seems like they’re everywhere.

I chose these cabinet pulls for the doors and these cup pulls for the drawers, both from Home Depot, and I’m super happy with both of them. LOVE! I think the whole room is really coming together so well and it’s sooo exciting.

P.S. The cabinet on the far left, above, is being replaced with a glass one. The cabinet company accidentally sent us the wrong one. Don’t judge.

So what do you think? Do you have any small details in your house that you love? And are you as anxious/excited/nervous to see our countertops as we are? Eek! You should probably follow us on instagram @burritosbubbly because I’m sure there will be a sneak peek there later. I won’t be able to resist!!

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