Comic: The Haircut

Comic: The Haircut

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When Kerry saw the final version of today’s comic, her response was, “Oh so that’s what you think of me?” I had to explain two things to her: 1) She actually came up with that final panel, she just didn’t remember. 2) The idea of that “punch line” was that I was so upset after my haircut that I blew things out of proportion. Maybe it doesn’t work as well in comic form as it does in my mind. I guess having to explain it this much isn’t a good sign. Either way, now it’s here for you to judge/enjoy.

I get my haircut about once every six months, and I shave about once a month. I try to make sure that I don’t do both at the same time because that amount of drastic change could potentially send me into some sort of spiral of despair. Kerry doesn’t ask me to shave ever, and she never asks me to cut my hair, either, so this comic isn’t really accurate. I needed something to bounce my haircut insecurities off of in this comic, though, so I tried to juxtapose my overblown reaction with her caring comments.

My barber is an awesomely nice guy and usually says something pretty funny at least once a haircut. When I was there recently he was telling me why he doesn’t like the band FUN. The quote in the comic is word for word what he said. Priceless stuff.

So enjoy the comic. I am going to try to do these once every two weeks.

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