DIY Bathroom Towel Pegs

DIY Bathroom Towel Pegs

Well. Woops. I didn’t intend on skipping a post on Monday, but it just happened that way. Blame it on daylight saving time. But mostly blame it on the fact that we had a lot of fun this weekend and didn’t quite finish the projects we had planned, and that’s totally ok. We finished this one last night and I’m really excited about it!

Last year we renovated our master bathroom from dark and dingy to a bright, open “urban cottage,” but until now we didn’t really have a good place to hang our towels or put those little things that you need in a bathroom like extra toilet paper rolls. So we did what we do: we made something!

We decided to make a peg rack with a distressed paint job because it has that old-fashioned feel that’s appropriate to our 1890s home, and it really fits in to our cottage-themed bathroom. Plus, it was easy!

We didn’t get pictures of everything we did, since some of it required all hands on deck, but here’s how we made our towel peg rack:

1. We selected some high quality, straight boards at Lowe’s as well as a wooden dowel and then cut everything down to size.

2. We decided how many pegs we wanted and how far apart, measured well, and then drilled a hole in each spot. Using a spade drill bit, Andy created a hole in the wood the size of the dowel.

4. He drilled a hole in each dowel peg and then screwed them into the board from the back.

5. Then Andy screwed the top shelf to the back piece, from the top down.

5. Andy gave the whole thing a sanding with a fine grit sandpaper block.

6. Then I painted it a creamy white called “swiss coffee” from Valspar (it’s the same color we painted our office walls). I used a dry brush technique, which is a fancy way of saying that I put a small amount of paint on the brush to give it a weathered, almost whitewashed look.

7. When the paint dried, I sanded the edges to let the bare wood peek through and make it look a little aged.

8. Then we attached the whole thing to the bathroom wall with anchors and screws. Andy countersinked the screws so they’d sit flush with the front of the board, and I put a quick dab of paint on the screws to make them almost disappear.

Done! Easy peasy!

It’s so great to have a dedicated place to hang our towels now, and to keep extra toilet paper away from Ruby. (She’s obsessed with eating toilet paper!) I love how this project turned out.

Have you made any fun projects lately? I always love hearing about the projects you guys are doing, too!

— Kerry

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