DIY paper coasters

DIY paper coasters

Did you see the recipe I shared over on A Bubbly Life yesterday for this yummy bubbly cranberry-lemonade punch? Hop on over and check it out! Today I want to tell you how I made these super easy, super cute coasters. I am kind of obsessed with coasters right now. They’re so much fun to make and so practical, too.

I tried a few different materials to make these coasters, and I found that regular cardstock was the best and easiest. By folding the paper into quarters and gluing them together you can make a 4-sheet-thick coaster that is nice and sturdy. I’ve been using my coasters for a month now and they’re holding up really well.

1. The supplies you’ll need are white cardstock, scissors, pencil, metallic Sharpies and glue (I used rubber cement, but it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t make your paper wiggly).

2. Fold the cardstock in half twice so you have quarters. You’re going to glue all the flaps together before cutting them into a circle. The easiest thing is to put a little “x” on every sheet that needs glue. That way, when you unfold the paper to apply the glue, you can quickly tell where it needs to go. When I tried cutting 4 separate circles and gluing them together, they never lined up quite right, so gluing first will give you nice, even edges when you cut the circle.

3. Unfold the paper and quickly apply the glue to every section that you marked with an “x.” Then fold it back up the same way as before, and press the whole thing together to set the glue.

4. Draw or trace a circle and cut it out. I traced the bottom of a small flower pot for mine.

5. When you have your circle cut out, you’re ready to write on it. This is the fun part! Polka dots, stripes, fun sayings, you can put whatever you want on your coasters. It would be fun to customize these for a party using different colored Sharpies and different sayings. Maybe some pink hearts for Valentine’s Day or green clovers for a St. Patty’s party… The possibilities are endless!

6. Throw a party and make some bubbly punch to go along with your cute coasters!

Have fun!

— Kerry

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