Dyngus Day Cleveland

Dyngus Day Cleveland

After working really hard around the house every weekend for so long, we decided this weekend to take a little holiday break from all our projects and just have fun. We celebrated our 23-month-iversary with dinner at El Carnicero (mm, margaritas!), drinks at Lava Lounge, Easter dinner at Lago in the Flats (sooo good)… and then, this…

Yesterday was Dyngus Day here in Cleveland, which is a Polish holiday celebrating the end of Lent and the day after Easter. There’s a parade, a beer tent and polka music everywhere. People walk around with pussywillows and water guns. It’s a little weird but so much fun. Basically it’s Polish St. Patrick’s Day.

Andy took the day off work and we got together with a bunch of our friends — and his parents and their friends! — and spent the entire day outside barhopping and just enjoying the gorgeous 80 degree weather. While none of us are actually Polish, we pretended for the day, even if no one told me I was supposed to wear red.

We took a few pictures of the dog parade for our friend Ann, so be sure to check out Dogs in the CLE for more!!

— Kerry

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