Family Room Design Plan: Cozy & Modern

Family Room Design Plan: Cozy & Modern

I am so excited to show you our new design plans for the family room! Ok, here’s the thing, though. Sometimes I change my mind. Sometimes I change my mind a whole bunch of times. I’ve changed my mind on the family room so many times, but this time, I’m in love with our ideas.

You may remember that I had some vague plans for the family room already, which included aqua walls and lots of bright color. My idea was that I wanted this room to be really fun and colorful because it would end up being a be kid’s playroom, but the more and more I thought about it, the more I came to the realization that that just felt all wrong for us. I want the family room to feel cozy, comfortable, warm — and adult. I don’t think we necessarily need to design for kids, but rather for the whole family. Andy and I will hang out in this room, too. The rest of our house is so wide open, and I think it would be fun for this room to be a break from that, a little darker and cozier, while also still feeling like it belongs to the rest of the house.

Here is our inspiration.

I am super inspired by the lounge area in The Parker Palm Spring’s lobby (bottom right above), as well as the studio space in Elsie Larson’s house (bottom left above). Both spaces have that cool, cozy, comfortable vibe with lots of neutrals, warm leather, rattan and soft textiles. I also love, love, love the color of the velvet and brass door at The Parker (top left), so we definitely want to bring that color in.

For our family room we will most likely keep the walls white because they have a bunch of tricky angles and they join the walls with the kitchen, which is kind of annoying. But in the decor we want to incorporate a color palette of deep teal and blush pink, along with warm leathers and rattan, to give the room that cozy feeling. It’s important to me that every room in our house has a similar color palette, so we can easily move pieces from room to room.

We’re calling the design of our family room “cozy modern,” and here are some items that would look great.

vintage daybed | faux leather pillow | buffalo check pillow | teal pillow
triangle art printfringe wall hanging | basket | blush pink pouf

I love that faux leather pillow from Target — it’s soooo soft.

We have a bunch of plans, including a few fun DIY projects that I can’t wait to get started on, and so much painting that is less fun. We hope to get started this weekend! What do you think of our plans?

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