Feeling Batty! Halloween Window Decorations

Feeling Batty! Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the decorations, and did I mention the costumes?! I’ve heard that trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood is crazy fun because there are so many kids, so we’re really looking forward to participating this year.  Almost all of our neighbors have decorated their houses with ghosts and pumpkins, which is a lot of fun, so we definitely wanted to up our decorating game, as well. Our huge front windows are the perfect place for a really fun window display — a BAT ATTACK!

I cut out the bats on black card stock using my Cricut and then just taped them onto the window. It was so easy and we love how it turned out. When the curtains are closed, the bats show up really well from the street.

We may not have much furniture at this house, but at least we have Halloween decorations!

Now we just need to figure out what we’re going to wear … and more importantly, what’s going to fit over my giant bump! Any ideas?

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