Friday is our favorite

Friday is our favorite

Kerry’s favorite:

My favorite this week is my book club. I was planning on saying my favorite this week was the book we read, but as I was writing, I started to realize all I wanted to talk about is these girls.

My best girl friends and I have had a book club for several years. I don’t think any of us really thought it would last, especially the book-reading part, but we still meet on the third Thursday of every month right after work for drinks and snacks, lots of laughs, complaining about work (we all work together), and yes, actual book discussion. We discuss a book every other month, which gives us time to read it, and meet for just a happy hour on the month in between. Sometimes there’s more or less of us, with vacations and work schedules and busy lives that get in the way, but those who can pretty much always meet every month.

Our regularly scheduled meeting this month just happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend an afternoon than with the girls I love so much. As you get older and get married and get busy with owning a house and being tired from stressful days at work, it’s so hard to make the time to hang out with girl friends. There are days when I can’t help but think, ugh, I kinda wish I could just go home and put on my comfies and lie on the couch instead of putting on some lipgloss and sitting at the wine bar for the next two hours … until I sit down and we start talking and laughing and complaining and having the best time, and next thing I know two hours has become three, and it was worth every second and so so so much better than sitting on the couch.

This month we read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Read it. It’s worth it. You’ll probably have the exact same reaction we did. These people are C R A Z Y, the ending is awful, and it’s a lot of fun to read. And then go get a glass of wine with your friends. Because that’s totally the best part.

{This is my favorite photo of The Girls. Two aren’t picture and one is the bride in the background.}

Andy’s favorite:

This week my favorite thing is Die Hards 1 – 4. We saw 5, aka A Good Day to Die Hard last night, and it was pretty awful. Easily my least favorite Die Hard movie. I consider myself one of the nation’s foremost scholars on the Die Hard movie franchise, and this disaster failed on all fronts. I was really hoping that today I could write about how my favorite thing this week was Die Hard 5, how it kept the franchise going, how it fit all the same themes and characterizations of the previous 4, but alas, it did not. On a positive note though, Die Hard 2: Die Harder is no longer the worst Die Hard movie. Congratulations!

So as not to be completely depressing, I can say that my actual favorite thing of this week was on Sunday, Feb. 10, when the Red Wings scored with 4.5 seconds left to win against the Stanley Cup defending LA Kings. Kerry and I were watching this game and I jumped out of my seat in joy. The Kings has scored about 55 seconds earlier to tie the game. I was sure we were going to overtime, but the Red Wings pulled this one out.

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