Getting crafty with mason jars

Getting crafty with mason jars

Look what I got!

As part of an attic cleanup a friend found a bunch of antique mason jars that just so happen to be a perfect match to, oh, pretty much half the stuff in my house.  She gave me ten as a housewarming present.  Now the fun part is deciding what to do with them!

There are lots of craft projects using mason jars.  The other day I was looking at a project to make mason jar pumpkins that were just adorable.  Of course I can’t find the link anymore.

But the project that is most outstanding to me right now is the mason jar pendant lamp.  Have you seen these?

This was a display at an Antrhopologie store featured on Apartment Therapy a couple years ago.  Don’t you love it?  It takes the mason jar from country casual to modern industrial.  Amazing.  

Design*Sponge has also featured a DIY project for a pretty similar pendant lamp, which seems remarkably easy.

And I found this single bulb selling for $199! I think a lamp like this would look amazing in my kitchen, and with a little work I’d have something completely unique and interesting, something I could be proud to say I’d made myself. Or, because I’m lazy, I can just use the jars to drink some old-fashioned lemonade… mmmm…

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