Gift Guide: For Dogs & Cats

Gift Guide: For Dogs & Cats

It’s not all about human babies around here… our lives revolve around our fur babies just as much. With our 14-month-old goldendoodle Ruby, 14-year-old black cat Trixie, and 13-year-old little cat Mocha, we’re pretty much surrounded by animals at home at all times. And they need Christmas presents, too!

Here are some things that would make great presents for our pup and kitties. Some of these are more money than I’d ever pay in real life (sorry girls, but seriously, I’m not spending that much on you), but they’re still a lot of fun and, best of all, would look good in our home!

For the dogs …

1. I love a dog in clothes, and this red dog hoodie from American Apparel would be soooo perfect for Ruby. I think even Andy would approve of this one.

2. Ruby would also be awfully cute in this red plaid collar from Harry Barker for the holidays. She already has a Harry Barker collar, and we’re huge fans of the quality and design.

3. Let’s face it, most dog beds are not very cute, but these Fresh American striped dog beds are pretty enough to leave out when company comes over… Of course they’re also not really affordable.

4. Ruby loves to chew on soft dog toys, but she destroys most of them in a matter of minutes, ripping off the limbs and pulling out the stuffing… But not this pig toy from Petco. It’s made for aggressive chewers and we are HUGE fans. Ruby has now had two of these and each of them has lasted more than a month, even with near constant playing, which is unheard of for a dog toy. Plus she looks so cute when she takes a nap with her cute little pink pig!

For the cats…

5. This round cat bed would be hugely popular in our house, where the cats are always trying to find a comfy place to hide from Ruby.

6. We’ve never had a cat tree, so I’m not sure if our cats would like it or not. But if they were to have one, this midcentury-inspired cat tree from Cats Play is exactly what I would get them.

7. This fur-ball cat toy from Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville, Ohio, would be a very popular with our girls.

8. Kitty litter is a huge issue in our house, with two cats who have disgusting manners. Currently we set aside an entire bedroom just for their litter box, and, honestly, it’s gross. There’s litter all over the floor that they track everyyyywhere through the house, and we can never keep up with the mess they make. I LOVE this modern cat cabinet from Modernist Cat that hides the litter box and looks really good, too. At $655, though, we’ll need to DIY something similar.

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