Gold medal metals

Gold medal metals

I’ve always loved gold best. Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo, but I just can’t help myself! Lately it seems like I’ve been seeing lots of really great gold accessories.

First I bought this gold sweater at J Crew. I think the color said “sparkle pewter,” but it’s totally gold, and glittery, and great (though slightly itchy). Then there was this brass bunting necklace by Of Matter on Fab last week. I mean, bunting AND gold?! Shut up. I had to have it.

I’ll probably give in and buy these arrow bobby pins soon since they’re just so adorable, but I have to stop somewhere. I mean, I already have three four oh, five (ish?) pairs of gold shoes.

So here’s what I’m loving lately…

And I promise not to wear all this gold at once. Right, J.Lo?

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