Good Golly, Olly is Nine Months Old!

Good Golly, Olly is Nine Months Old!

This little guy is nine months old! Oliver is so happy, so laid back, rarely cries, frequently giggles. Basically he’s just a wonderful kid! (Not that we’re biased or anything!!!) He’s also a giant, in the 97th percentile for height, and the 67th percentile for weight. He has two teeth and is seconds away from crawling (ok technically he started on Sunday, but that was AFTER he turned nine months, so it doesn’t count!)

Nine months is a great age, too. He’s settled into a predictable routine, which makes life so much easier. He wakes up around 7, takes a nap around 8:30-10:30, wakes up and plays, eats lunch, plays some more, takes another nap around 1-3, and goes to bed for the night between 5:30-6. It’s really nice when babies start to establish a routine that allows you to schedule your day, but Olly is also usually pretty good at adapting to a new schedule if we want to go out to dinner or need to run errands. I’m not saying he NEVER has a freak out. He cried through his ENTIRE nine month doctor checkup because he didn’t get enough sleep beforehand, but who can blame him?

Olly is doing really great with his helmet/cranial band to fix the flat spot on his head. He really doesn’t seem to mind having it on, though he doesn’t love putting it on/taking it off. I think if we just left it on 24 hours a day he’d be just fine… but boy would he be stinky! Now that it’s getting warmer outside, he’s definitely struggling with getting hot while his helmet is on — and definitely getting stinkier! I’m really hoping he doesn’t have to wear it all summer, but they said to plan on him wearing it until his first birthday in August, boo.

It’s hard sometimes to see progress when we’re so entrenched in the process, and sometimes I do start to get really down thinking maybe he’ll always have a flat head and somewhat crooked ears. I think as parents, we all just want to give our children the easiest path in life, the least amount of things to be made fun of by other kids, and just give them the most equal opportunity for happiness. But all of a sudden this week we were like, oh wait, his head is actually kind of ROUND now. For the first time this week we actually could physically SEE results, which is huge. He’s had his helmet approximately two months and has appointments every three weeks to measure the progress. Later this week we’ll find out how he’s really doing and how much longer he may have. But it’s looking really good so far. YAY!!!

And speaking of looking good… here’s nine months of this cutie!

I love how his smile just keeps getting bigger!

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