Goodbye, June. Hello, July.

Goodbye, June. Hello, July.

Happy Monday Funday, friends! I’m probably the only person who actually likes Mondays, haha, but I always start the week super excited about all of the fun projects I’m going to do! Speaking of projects, we were planning on having a cute one to share with you today that’s just not quite ready. Woops! So I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our June and what we’re looking forward to in July.

We started the month by planting a container garden and putting down a cardboard weed barrier.

We went rug shopping … here’s a sneak peek of what we bought! (Plus Trixie, because she’s cute.)

We found ourselves very inspired by a “less is more” decorating style.

We painted our rumpus room the perfect color and we loooooove it…

I went to my high school reunion … and it was fun! Here’s me in the middle, with Andy, and my high school friend Jen, not looking our age at all!

Then we took a trip to Traverse City, Michigan, one of our favorite places.

And what’s in store for July?

We’re painting our formal living room… WHITE! Yep, I really never thought there would be a day when we would crave white walls, of all things, but lately we’ve been been itching to lighten and brighten and really calm down all the crazy colors in our house. Expect lots of white to start popping up in various rooms.

We’re also going to start refinishing the floors in what used to be Andy’s office and is now being turned into our shared office. I’m excited to start working on this project.

And talk about exciting, yikes, we’re getting our house repainted, and I’m just going to say… it’s going to be a HUGE CHANGE! We had a meeting with our painter yesterday to talk colors. It’s VERY exciting and also VERY scary to make such big decisions. It’s a lot more stressful to paint a whole house than a little room, let me tell you. As soon as we have a real plan, you’ll be the first to know! Or like, maybe second, but you know what I mean!

And, let’s be honest, July is all about bike rides and popsicles and backyard BBQs, and we plan on doing all of those things. In abundance. I’ll just go ahead and check off ice cream right now, since that’s a given!

June was great and I think July will be, too! What do you guys have planned for the month? I’d love to hear it!

— Kerry

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