Happy Halloween and Hello November!

Happy Halloween and Hello November!

Trixie wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!! She’ll be dressing up as a spooky black cat.

And since today is Halloween, that means tomorrow is November, already! So as you know, at the end/beginning of every month, I always like to take a minute to check on my to-do lists for the month (seriously, I’m so obsessed with to-do lists, are you?) and make a new list for the new month… or, you know, move all the things I didn’t finish from last month’s list to this month’s list, as the case may be.

So in October we wanted to:

  • finish the exterior house painting — it’s sooo close. Maybe a week more or so? Stop raining! And please, just no snow, ok.
  • paint the office — should actually be done today, just in the nick of time!
  • move furniture into the office — well, no.
  • finish coffee table project — you should see it on the blog in the next few days!
  • decide on Halloween costumes — done.
  • decorate for our Halloween party — wellll, and then we went and cancelled our annual Halloween party because we’re a little overwhelmed with projects at the moment. And mostly we’re super lame.

All in all a fairly productive month. We’re happy to have finished a few other long-standing projects, like Andy’s TV stand extension that I’m so proud of him for. It looks so good, you guys.

And on the list for November?

  •  Move furniture into the office. Right now all of our office furniture is shoved in the guest room along with all the guest room furniture. We’re actually going to be moving EVERYTHING back into the office while we get to work on the guest room. Sigh.
  • Start painting the guest room. This room is going to be fun! We’re putting together a moodboard to show you soon. But before we get to the super fun part, we need to sand and paint the wood floor and paint all the walls. More painting. It never ends.
  • Finish credenza project. We haven’t talked about this one much yet, but we’ve been working on it for a few weeks, including a trip to Ikea and many, many, MANY trips to Home Depot.
  • Eat lots of stuffing. Duh. Stuffing is what I’m most thankful for! j/k, I also like my cats.
  • Plus a little SECRET PROJECT that we’ll tell you about this month, weeeeee, it’s exciting!

Have a wonderful Halloween. I hope you get TONS of candy.


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