Here’s 2019’s Home & Cabin To-Do Lists!

Here’s 2019’s Home & Cabin To-Do Lists!

It’s annual to-do list-making time, woowoo. (I LOVE to-do lists if you didn’t know! Andy… not so much, ha.) We start every year by creating a general guideline for the projects we are hoping to tackle. I think it’s so nice to have an idea of what needs to get done so we can keep it on our radar and mentally plan ahead, even if we rarely/never actually accomplish everything on the list. In fact, I see that some things on last year’s list are on this year’s again!

The big change this year is, of course, now we have a list just for our new cabin! Honestly, the cabin to-do list would be a hundred pages long if we really wrote it all out (eek) so we kept to just the big ticket items for now.

  • one of the unfortunate things that came up in the home inspection is that we have to replace the roof on at least the older log cabin part of the house. That’s something we’ll plan on doing as soon as weather allows in the spring.
  • the big, much more fun project is, of course, the kitchen, yay. Our plan is to DIY it as much as possible, and it will require a full gut, which won’t be terribly fun. Luckily for us it’s nice and tiny. But planning kitchens is our FAVORITE (did you know Andy designed the kitchen in our house? He’s great with measurements and thinking spatially while I focus on the finishes.)
  • the bathroom vanity will need to be replaced. The shabby chic style of the current vanity is completely wrong for the house. Eventually we want to give the whole bathroom a complete renovation, but that will most likely be in a year or two.
  • the whole interior will get a fresh coat of paint (except the wood, which we’re leaving as is). Nothing freshens up a space and makes it feel like your own than painting everything.
  • we also need to decorate the whole house, and that’s the most fun part! I’m sooooo excited to start decorating.
  • and of course there’s about a thousand other things to do when you have a new house that needs all-new everything!

Obviously we have A LOT to do at the cabin (and A LOT of money to spend there), so that’s going to be our main focus for the year. But that doesn’t mean we’re not doing anything at our full-time home. We won’t be planning any major renos at home, but we do have some smaller, inexpensive projects we want to take care of, mostly things that we’ve been ignoring for too long.

  • we want to finally make the changes to the kids’ bathroom that we’ve been planning for ages. This was on our to-do list last year, as well, but now we already have the wallpaper so it’s about time we install it!
  • another thing on last year’s to-do list was that we wanted to replace our kitchen shelves but we never got around to it. This is our year! Our current shelves are sagging and we really want to do something different.
  • we said in a post last week that we want to take more risks this year, be bold, and paint something a color other than white. We definitely have some ideas, so expect at least one wall getting a fun new color!
  • we’ve been working on the railing in our kitchen for years, not even exaggerating, but this year we’re determined to finish once and for all.
  • it’s about time for Joey to transition from her toddler bed to a big-girl bed, probably in the spring, so I’m excited to make a few small updates to her room when that happens. We also need to finish the built-in shelves that we’ve been working on for the last couple months.
  • the biggest thing we want to do this year at our house is work on those finishing touches and details that we often overlook when we move on to the next project quickly. For example, we updated our master bath with a new vanity, mirror and lighting last year, but never installed shelves or a place to hang hand towels… whoops. There are a lot of areas throughout our house where I’ve had ideas to add art or make a small change that I want to finally take care of this year.

So that’s what we’re planning in 2019. It’s going to be a BIG YEAR. I can’t even wrap my head around just how many things we have going on! I don’t have any idea what will actually get done, how it will all actually work out, but I am so, so excited to get started! And of course we’ll be sharing all of the planning, progress and finished projects on the blog as we go!

What projects are you planning for 2019? Tell us all about them!

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