Hi, From the Blue House!

Hi, From the Blue House!

It’s done! It’s done! Our house exterior is officially painted, from top to bottom and every nook and cranny in between. We can’t wait to say, “Oh, hi, we’re the ones in the blue house!” We have a blue house, you guys!

I swear it started snowing about 10 minutes after he finished, while I was still in the kitchen doing my “yay it’s done!” dance.

First, some before pictures to refresh your memory…

Before, our house was painted beige, tan and brown. I always thought the color was fine, but a lot of the architectural details were lost in the monochromatic scheme. And, well, it was a little boring.

We were also experiencing some chipping and peeling paint, so it was definitely (past) time to get it fixed.

In fact, this entire section of fishscale siding (above) was so damaged by the elements that it had to be replaced a couple years ago (this is the new, but you can see some of the damage under the overhang as well).

Here’s our BLUE HOUSE now! It’s not boring at all!


Our painter did an AMAZING job of emphasizing the unique features of our house’s exterior just by using the different shades of paint in interesting ways and drawing your eye to things like the details on the columns. I LOVE that he added gold leaf in some places.

We also love the sky blue ceilings on our porches, which you can only see when you’re underneath.

We couldn’t be happier with the final result. I can’t believe ONE guy did our entire house by himself — by HAND. I mean, no wonder it took EIGHT WEEKS! It was a long eight weeks (for him and me!) but it was so worth it in the end.

The Sherwin Williams colors we used are:

  • Main body — Storm Cloud, SW 6249
  • Secondary body — Westchester Gray, SW 2849
  • Main trim — Sand Dollar, SW 6099
  • Secondary trim — Sands of Time, SW 6101
  • Accent color — Inkwell, SW 6992

I can’t skip the ever-important before and after photo!

It seriously feels like we have a brand new house! Not bad for 124 years old, right?

— Kerry

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