Hockey and Ice Cream in Columbus

Hockey and Ice Cream in Columbus

It’s February, which means my 30th birthday is approaching fast. I still have quite a list of things to get done before the 21st, but I’ve accomplished a few of them recently. Let’s get right to it.

6. Eat another burrito

I might end up over doing it on this one. This is actually burrito number three. The second one was when we did the photo shoot for the “Big News on Monday” post.

14. Go to a Red Wings game

As a Cleveland sports fan, it is really great that Kerry got me into the Red Wings. It’s nice to cheer for a team that is actually decent. And if there is one certainty of the NHL, it’s that the Blue Jackets are most likely in last place. So we were very excited to go see this game in Columbus. A sure fire victory, right? Nope. Four to one loss. So, it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but it’s crossed off the list. Done is done.

18. Have Marotta’s pizza

This had been hyped to me as “the best pizza in Cleveland” and “the most authentic New York slice” you can find in the area. So what’s the self-proclaimed pizza snob’s verdict? A-. It was good, but not perfect. Will we go back? Most certainly. We had a traditional pizza (sauce, cheese) with prosciutto, and a fettucini and scallop pasta. The pasta, which was a special, was delicious.

19. Karaoke

I’m not sure this counts as karaoke but it’s probably the closest I’m going to get. After we saw the Blue Jackets defeat the Red Wings, this is what became of the night. Despite looking happy, I was actually crying on the inside. And I also requested this song.

26. Stay up past midnight

After all that “karaoke,” I’m sure you can imagine it was a real wild night. I made it all the way to 12:01 am. I think I was asleep by 12:02. (Sweet pjs, huh?)

27. Taste test Graeter’s ice cream in Columbus

I’ve been hearing about this Graeter’s place for a while. They are from Cincinnati, but they have a pretty strong presence in Columbus. I finally got to try some on the hockey trip. I went with my go-to flavor, cookies ‘n’ cream. Kerry had chocolate coconut almond. It was good, but I think I like my own cookies ‘n’ Irish cream a little better.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I have a few more later this week.

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