Home Tour: Rumpus Room

Home Tour: Rumpus Room

Hi guys! I have another late post for you today since these things take a long time to put together… but I’m sitting out on the back deck in the sunshine with Ruby, so it’s not a bad job to have! Let’s keep going with our virtual home tour, ok? Today I’m going to show you the room where we spend pretty much all our time, because, let’s be honest, this is where the TV is. And the comfy couch. And all the throw pillows. We call it our Rumpus Room, but you can call it the Family Room, TV Room, Couch Potato Room, whatever suits your fancy.

Like every room in this house, the Rumpus Room has changed A LOT in the last five years. It’s really funny (and kind of embarassing!) to look back. Do you remember any of these versions of the room?

When we first moved in, this room was painted olive green. We had a really hard time picking a new paint color (as you can see!), but after trying about a million paint samples, we decided on a fairly deep teal (Sherwin Williams “Reflecting Pool). It was a pretty color but not right for this room. Our rumpus room faces north and doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light, so it always felt dark with the dark paint, heavy cream curtains, grey rug, large/dark furniture and plaid couch — a whole lot of hand-me-down furniture that didn’t work with our style, our life or this room. After a while, the darkness started to get depressing. So we replaced the couch, repainted the walls a light minty blue, added thinner/whiter curtains and a fun white rug, rearranged the furniture, and now this room feels so much lighter, brighter, happier and way more like us.

And here’s what it looks like NOW!

Clearly we went with a midcentury style. Because, do you know us at all? Sometimes I think it’s a little toooo midcentury, and doesn’t quite match the rest of the house — but I also just don’t care because I love it. This room is very much our style. In a different house, all of our rooms would probably look like a combination of this and our white office.

The newest addition to our rumpus room is the credenzas along the back wall that Andy DIYed to store his vinyl collection. We’re super proud of this project and will show you more about it soon! (You guys, we have soooo many DIY projects lined up to show you I don’t know where we’ll find the time! But I’m not complaining!!)

The giant cactus that I made still makes me smile every time I look at it! During the Ohio City Home Tour, one of the visitors said this room has a southwest vibe, which I actually hadn’t intended, but it’s very true. I think I subconsciously design every room to pretend I live in Palm Springs!

The shaggy rug is one of my other favorite elements in this room. It totally transformed the room almost as much as the new paint job. We rolled it up and put it away when we got Ruby last November, since there’s just no way we could trust a little puppy around a white rug that’s not easy to clean! We only brought it back out a couple weeks ago when we hosted the Home Tour. Oh, how I missed it! Now that she’s older and (somewhat) more trustworthy, we’re happy to be able to let Ruby roll around on it all she wants, and she loves to sleep on it. (Andy and I have been known to take the occasional nap on it, too!)

So that’s our rumpus room. What do you think???

Resources Wall color: Valspar Sea Air, 5006-9A

Couch: Avec sofa from CB2

Orange chair: vintage

Grey chair: Tullsta chair from Ikea

Rug: Moroccan Trellis Shag Rug from RugsUSA
Check throw pillows: Stockholm Cushion from Ikea
Turquoise throw pillow covers: Velvet Cushion Cover from H&M
Coffee table: vintage + DIY paint job Table lamp: Pier 1 (years ago)

Floor lamp: Big Dipper Arc Floor Lamp from CB2

White side table: Martini Side Table from West Elm Black side table: Target (years ago)

Giant cactus: DIY

TV stand: Saga Credenza from CB2 Pull-down map: antique

Sunset art above credenza: Rachel Jernigan/Hawaiio Design
White and wood credenzas along back wall: DIY coming soon!

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