House Painting Sneak Peek!

House Painting Sneak Peek!

Do you want to see a sneak peek of our house? I snapped a few photos on my phone the other day and thought you might be curious about how the house painting is going! We’re in, I think, the fifth week of work and have probably about a week left to go, if the weather cooperates (it’s supposed to snow on Saturday, seriously??!!). Honestly, I am so tired of this painting and really looking forward to it being done. We’re so close, and it’s looking really good, which makes it all worth it.

We’re loving the colors and how our painter is working hard to emphasize the small details on our house that even we didn’t notice were there, like the different moldings around the columns that he has accented in gold leaf. You know I love some gold leaf! You can see the original house color on the second floor above the porch. What a difference!

Also, spoiler alert… our door got painted navy blue to match the trim around the windows. Our painter was adamant that it was the best color, and although I was not-so-secretly hoping for a cheerful yellow, this does look really good. It’s also the perfect background for fun wreaths, like these spiderweb wreaths I made. I bought a black felt table runner at Michaels (similar), cut it in half to make two wreaths, and then spraypainted them white. One coat of spraypaint turned them a grey color that matches parts of our house perfectly, so I abandoned my original plan to paint them entirely white. Since this picture, I’ve also added a couple of oversized fuzzy purple spiders to up the creep factor a bit. It’s one of those DIYs that took about 5 minutes and $5 and I think looks pretty darn cute.

I like to call this “the official flag of the nation of Burritos and Bubbly.” Ha! When we first saw what our painter had done with our garage, we were both like… hm. We didn’t hate it, but we just weren’t sure we actually liked it. It’s a big change. But it grew on us quickly. I think the garage looks really great especially from the street, when you can see it in context with the house, like in the first picture above, and besides, why not have a little fun with boring old garage doors?!

So what do you think of our house so far?! We’ll have more pictures when it’s really done in a couple of weeks! (fingers crossed!)

— Kerry

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