House tour: a ranch with personality

House tour: a ranch with personality

All week we’ve been talking about our road trip and how much fun we had. We stayed with one of my best friends, Shana — yes the one who makes great drinks! — at her midcentury ranch in Metro Detroit. I love staying at Shana’s house because every time I see it, something has changed. She has an excellent habit of switching out art to keep things constantly interesting and fun. And it’s oh so Shana.

Relying on a collection of vintage and Ikea furniture with a heavy nod towards clean midcentury lines, and a tidy collection of cool accent pieces, like the oversized vintage movie poster on her dining room wall that she found at a random junk store in northern Michigan and the crazy Pottery Barn “octopus” light over the dining table, Shana has made the kind of space you want to hang out in and a place that couldn’t be anyone else’s. She collects posters from burlesque and roller derby and anything with skulls. It’s campy and cheeky and fun. Shana’s house is a perfect combination of a little bit shocking and totally put together, which pretty much describes Shana to a T.

This house is full of little collections and vignettes that go perfectly together and never get too cluttered. The photo above is the master bedroom. And below is the newly renovated kitchen that makes me really, really want to take a sledgehammer to my kitchen.

I think a house should totally reflect the personality of the people who live in it.  Like Andy mentioned yesterday, as soon as we walked into our own house after being at hers for the weekend, we took one look at each other and said, “let’s move stuff.” Our house just wasn’t looking like us. Two hours later, we had flipped the dining room and living room and moved all of the furniture around in the family room. I like it so much more now and there’s so much more potential for personality. I guess we were inspired!

Thanks again for having us, Shana, and thanks for letting us share pictures of your gorgeous house!!

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