House Tour, One Year In: Living Room

House Tour, One Year In: Living Room

This view makes me so happy!!!

The living room is still a work in progress, but to walk into our house and see this big open living room/kitchen space, I love love love love it!! It’s hard to even believe what it used to look like just a few months ago!

This “before” picture was taken from the same spot as the ones above! Obviously we knocked out the walls around the kitchen, moved most of the kitchen into what used to be the dining room, and vaulted that half of the ceiling. (You can read all about our kitchen renovation.) The ceilings in our living room were vaulted to begin with. It’s kind of hard to see in the before photos, but in the one above, you can see a little of the “shelf” where the low dining room ceilings met the vaulted living room ceiling.

The wall that separated our kitchen from the dining room was approximately halfway through our kitchen island. Whoa!!

Here we’re seeing it from a different view, looking from the kitchen into the living room. To the left of the TV is the stairs going down to the front entrance.

There’s still A LOT we want to do to the living room. The biggest dilemma is that our old dining room table is currently living behind the couch, and it has got to go. It was too big to fit in our new dining room, and we can’t really do much until this table gets out of the way. Does anyone know someone who needs an eight-foot dining room table?? (That’s not a joke. We seriously need to sell our table.)

(I love how Trixie posed for all the photos!)

We’re trying out that orange chair in here. I have a soft spot for this old vintage chair because I think the shape of it is so cute. I found it at a vintage shop for like $90 years ago, and then my friend and I lugged it all the way up the stairs and into my car, while my arm was in a cast, which was hilarious. I think the shape/size works in this room because it doesn’t block the view of the kitchen, though it definitely needs to be reupholstered if we’re going to keep it here. Not only is that color atrocious but it stinks. Like, literally that chair smells bad.

We also need a new side table next to the couch, some (big) art on that big wall. I think a tall plant next to the pantry would be great. I like minimal but this is excessive.

So that’s our living room. What do you think??? And do you need a dining room table?


Paint color: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” on walls (eggshell) and trim (semi-gloss)
Couch: West Elm
Floor lamp: CB2
Rug: Target Orange chair: vintage

Pineapple pillow: Target

Turquoise velvet pillows: H&M (color no longer available) Tropical pattern pillow: H&M (no longer available) Bar: antique Basket (next to bar): Ikea (no longer available)

Coffee table: CB2

Tray on coffee table: West Elm
Planters on coffee table: CB2 Bar stools: West Elm (no longer available) TV stand: CB2 (no longer available)

Curtains: Ikea

Dining room table (behind couch) — FOR SALE — PlayHaus Design

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