House Tour, One Year In: The Other Rooms

House Tour, One Year In: The Other Rooms

Ok, now I know I promised new photos of all our rooms, even the embarrassing ones, buuuuut, no one has time for that! We have three rooms that have not changed at all, either from the last time we took pictures or since we moved in, but I’d still like to include them in our little house tour — the half/guest-bath, the third bedroom and the third bath.

Our guest bathroom has been through a few rounds of changes over the last year, and it’s come a long way from where it started. I’m not calling this room done quite yet, but we shared some photos of its current state a couple of months ago. I really love what we’ve done with this room! (Check out befores and nows in this post in July!)

Our third bedroom is what we call “the cat room” or “the most embarrassing room ever.” Now, I love our cats, don’t get me wrong, but they’re disgusting. It’s just a fact. Between the amount of litter they track all over and the amount of barf Mocha manages on a daily basis, it’s just gross, but at least it’s mostly contained in this room. I don’t remember the cats making such a mess when they were younger, but maybe that’s because we’ve only had the two together for the last six years or so. Mocha is now 14 and Trixie is 15 years old.

We keep the cats’ litter box and food in this room where the dog, Ruby, can’t get to them… because given any opportunity she will (seriously, what is it with dogs and other animals’ poop? Ew.). To keep Ruby out, we have a baby gate on the door that we cut one bar out of, so the cats have just enough room to slip between the bars but Ruby is too big (though believe me she tries!). It’s been an excellent solution.

Other than a litter box that seems to constantly be spilling its contents on the floor and cat food crunchies that also somehow constantly end up on the floor, this room is pretty much empty. We haven’t even taken down those curtains. We want to start working on this room soon and are debating between a few different uses. I’m not sure exactly which way we’ll go yet, but rest assured I have LOTS of ideas!

Across the hall is the third bathroom, which will be Joey’s bathroom when she gets old enough. This bathroom had been recently renovated when we bought the house and while it’s not exactly what we would have done, we don’t mind it… mostly. My big problem is that the tile on the floors/walls/bathtub is beige with a cool grey undertone that we are fine with, while the stain on the vanity and the granite countertop are both verrrry orange and I cannot stand them! They really don’t belong in the same room. Plus, beige tile, beige fixtures, beige walls… it’s soooooo beige.

As much as I’d love to replace the vanity and/or countertop one day, it’s a super low priority. My plan is to paint the walls if I can find a color that somehow goes with both the cool beige tile and orange countertops (ugh – I’m thinking a cool green might work?) and make a few other small and inexpensive changes to make this room a little more our style and a little more little girl-friendly.

So that concludes our house tour, one year in! I’m so proud of the work we’ve done over the last year, especially considering we also had a baby in that time! And I’m also so, so, so excited about all the projects we’re currently working on and have on the to-do list to start soon!

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