How to Decorate With Pink

How to Decorate With Pink

Today is National Pink Day, and it’s no secret that I love to decorate with pink! It’s my favorite color to decorate with because it’s unexpected, modern and even a little gutsy — not everyone has pink in their living room … and kitchen … and entryway… or a husband who is open to it! But I don’t think we have to follow those old-fashioned rules about pink being girly or childish, because there are ways to incorporate pink that are grown-up, sophisticated and gender neutral. I’m going to give you some of my top tips for decorating with pink, and show you how we do it in our own home.

Decorating With Pink Tip #1: Choose your pink shades wisely.

You guys, WE HAVE A PINK CHAIR! As you may know, I’ve been wanting a pink chair for the looooongest time. When we decided to move the rocking chair in Joey’s bedroom to the new baby’s room, we needed to get a new, non-rocking chair for her room, so we chose this one from Nate Berkus’s line at Target. It’s only in our living room temporarily until we finish the new baby’s room, but honestly, we’re having a hard time wanting to move it because it looks sooo gooood in here.

Why this chair works: it’s a very subtle shade of the palest pink with grey undertones. If it were a brighter, “Barbie” pink, it could potentially look ridiculous or demand too much attention. But by choosing such a soft, subtle shade of pink, it acts as a neutral and doesn’t scream “THERE’S A PINK CHAIR IN HERE.” Plus, the shape of the chair itself is modern and sophisticated, not childish or too “cutesy.”

(chair | couch (similar) | coffee table (similar) | tray (similar)
side table | pink pillow | turquoise pillow (similar))

Decorating With Pink Tip #2: Use pink in small doses.

I may love pink, but even I know a little can go a long way. I’m lucky to be married to a man who is open to decorating with a bit of pink, but he definitely keeps me in check when I occasionally want to take it a little too far. The key is balance. With us, we like to keep most of our big pieces neutral — all white walls, grey couch, grey rug — and then accent with little pops of our signature pink and turquoise — pink pillows, pink flower pots, pops of pink in art on the walls. No matter what color you’re using, going overboard can be a recipe for disaster and it can veer too far into the “theme” category. Balance color with neutrals and give your eye plenty of white space to rest between bursts of color.

Decorating With Pink Tip #3: Go for it!

Every time I have an idea to paint something else pink, Andy reminds me that we have a pink entryway. Like, hey, that’s enough! And I totally understand. The entryway is the first thing that everyone who comes to your house sees, so when it’s pink, that certainly sends a message. And that was my point. To me, pink tells our guests we’re fun, fresh, modern and we’re not afraid to show it!

This is actually one of my favorite projects we’ve done in this house. To make this entryway work, we kept the color subtle (Valspar’s “Champagne Pink,” which is a pale, “millennial pink” (blush) with warm undertones — the same color we painted Joey’s nursery ceiling) and we only painted a small section of the hallway — keeping with tips #1 and #2.

Sometimes you just have to go for it, have fun, do what you love. If you like pink, don’t be afraid to decorate with it, whether it’s painting an accent wall, a whole room, or adding a pink pillow to your couch. It’s so not a big deal and it’s time to throw those old rules out the window!!

(mirror (similar) | light)

What do you think? Have any of you decorated with pink in your homes or would you want to? Is there another color you’d love to try but are a little worried about or your significant other has said no to? I’d love to hear what you think!!

P.S. Do you remember the pink living room in our old house?!

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