How to style a Halloween table

How to style a Halloween table

I’m skipping Wedding Wednesday this week because I’m way too excited about Halloween. It might be my favorite holiday… Costumes! Decorations! (Actually, hmm, kinda sounds like a wedding, right?) But instead of weddings, today I want to talk about decorating a Halloween table.

The key to holiday decoration is commitment to a theme and being willing to go all out. Just throwing together whatever random things you have around the house will probably look messy.  Instead, pull just those items that go together in color or theme… and you can always spray paint the things that don’t match! These things don’t have to be pricey or fancy. 75 cent mini pumpkins and leftover wine bottles can easily be transformed into interesting decorations. Check out a couple of excellently styled tables that commit to a theme in an inspiring way.

This Quoth the Raven Dinner Party by Mrs. Limestone is creepily perfect. Ravens are one of my favorite Halloween decorations. She even painted those plates herself, which seems like a surprisingly easy project that I want to try myself sometime. Photos by Brooklyn Limestone.

My second example is another deep, dark one. Mr. Bazaar teamed up with stylist Manvi Drona-Hidalgo for a Monochrome Halloween Bash. I love the black-on-black look with a hint of metallic.  Going with one color is a simple way to create drama. Styling and photography by Manvi Drona-Hidalgo.

Are you inspired? Do you want to buy a ton of pumpkins and paint them black?  Because, um, that’s what I did on Saturday!! I’m having a ton of fun putting together my own Halloween table. It’s always more fun when you get to spray paint things, don’t you think?!

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