Inspiration: Modern Wood Kitchens

Inspiration: Modern Wood Kitchens

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope those of you in Cleveland were able to get outside yesterday and enjoy that gorgeous 60+ degree day. We took Joey and Ruby on a great walk around our new neighborhood. I love our neighborhood.

As we’ve mentioned, we debated long and hard about whether we wanted to go with white or wood cabinets in our kitchen renovation. We changed our minds approximately ten million times but ultimately decided wood was not the right choice for this house. We still really love the look, though. But we’re not talking about those standard mid-brown oak cabinets that a lot of us grew up with. These wood kitchens feel more modern and fresh with a nod towards the midcentury in shades of walnut. So let’s look at some pretty wood kitchens, then, just for fun, ok!

This is the kitchen that initially made me stop and say, “holy moly I want a wood and white kitchen!” Actually, the whole house is amazing. (via)

I’ve shared this kitchen before. I’m still in love with the combo of white counters, white uppers and wood lowers. (via)

I like how all the wood on the cabinets, floor and stools is broken up by that touch of deep navy blue on the island. (via)

The deep walnut cabinets in this kitchen, along with the dark backsplash and counters make this kitchen feel really rich and warm. (via)

Holy drama. Light wood, marble, black and ohmygod shiny brass, this kitchen is all about the glam. Who even knew brass cabinets were a thing?? (via)

The thick white counter on the island balances all the wood and makes it feel so much lighter and fresher. (via)

This white and wood kitchen also brings in pops of bright, fun color. (via)

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