Inspiration: Multicolored Geometric Walls

Inspiration: Multicolored Geometric Walls

There’s a fun trend these days to do interesting, often geometric patterns with different shades of paint on an accent wall. I think this goes along with how wallpaper is popular again, but paint is an easier way to play around with creative color and pattern ideas without the commitment and cost of wallpaper. You can go as bold or as simple as you’d like depending on what colors and shapes you choose to do.

Here are some examples of different variations on this theme, from big geometric patterns, to something more simple, to going all out with wild pattern…

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Geometric shapes painted on the wall inject a ton of personality into a room and let you play around with different color combos and patterns. Can’t decide on just one color? You don’t need to!! I love how this is a way to be really creative and explore how different colors complement each other. I think the geometric walls trend is especially cool as an accent in a bedroom or nursery.

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If you don’t want to go for a full geometric wall, one wide stripe or circle of color can also be a fun way to play with a pop of color in an unexpected way. This would be a fun thing to do in a living area where you might not want something as intricate and distracting as a full geometric wall, but you still want that wow factor. It’s also a fun way to draw attention to art or a collection on a shelf, almost like a frame, like Justina Blakeney did with her living room shelves above.

(via Desire to Inspire)

I also LOVE this take on the accent wall that extends onto the ceiling, adjacent walls and even the floor! It’s so perfect for this bedroom (and you should check out the rest of this home tour for more).

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If subtlety isn’t your thing, go absolutely wild with color and pattern and paint an awesome mural on the wall. Any kid would love this in their playroom!

What do you think? Would you ever try this trend in your house? You saw a couple of weeks ago that the plans for our master bedroom include two-tone walls in teal and white, which is a variation on this idea, and I absolutely LOVE how they look in our room. I think it might be fun to try a geometric wall behind the bed in our guest room, instead of a headboard. A guest room is the perfect place to experiment with something fun and different, since you don’t spend a ton of time in there. But I feel like anything more than about three colors would be too annoying to tape!

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