Inspiration: Palm Springs Style

Inspiration: Palm Springs Style

In an ideal world, I’d be in Palm Springs right now.

One of our favorite past times is talking about what we’d do if we ever won the lottery. You know, that lottery we hardly ever play. But still. We’re dreamers. So the main plan of our post-lottery-winning is:

1) buy a house on the lake near Traverse City, Michigan.

2) buy a classic desert modern house in Palm Springs, California. With a giant pool, obviously.

We’d love to spend summers on Lake Michigan and winters in the desert. Sounds perfect, right? So come January every year I start to wish I could pack up the cats and the dog and Andy and move us all to Palm Springs for the next five months.


Until we all win the lottery, though, it’s totally possible to bring that Palm Springs feeling home, wherever you live and no matter how grey and cold it is outside. Palm Springs style is all about fearless use of colors inspired by popsicles and poolside drinks — melon orange, fuchsia pink, hints of mint green — alongside natural textures like rattan and wicker, layers of ethnic-inspired prints, and a grounding base of white… and sunshine. Mostly, it’s carefree and fun, and the images below get it just right.

one: This Little Street / two: unknown / three: BHG / four: SF Girl by Bay / five: Casa Chaucha / six: Lauren Conrad / seven: B Lovely Events / eight: designlovefest

Makes you want to hop on a plane right now, right? Let’s go!

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