inspired by black + white

inspired by black + white

I’m about to start on my 7th (and final!) day in a row of painting our kitchen, which is all black, white and grey. You’d think I’d want to surround myself with the brightest brights after all that neutral, especially since it’s no secret that I normally love color, but I’m crazy about black and white right now. It’s the ultimate classic and never goes out of style.

A neutral black and white room could seem a little cold, dreary, and even boring, but by adding elements like natural wood tones, green plants, and colorful or metallic accessories, you can add a ton of warmth and interest. The sharp lines of contrast between black and white also help to emphasize interesting architectural details, like pretty moulding or a fireplace. These black and white rooms are anything but boring.

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(door sixteen)

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What do you think? Would you ever want a room that’s just black and white? I think it can be really fun, timeless, and not boring at all. I’ll show you our black and white kitchen next week! — Kerry

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