Introducing the Burritos and Bubbly Comic

Introducing the Burritos and Bubbly Comic

A while ago, Kerry and I were looking for a copy of Photoshop, or at least Photoshop Elements, to make sure all of our photos were in tip-top-shape for you, our loyal readers. Kerry was able to find a pretty good deal to get Elements and a Wacom drawing tablet for pretty cheap. I didn’t know what we’d ever really use the Wacom for, but that was before I started playing with it. Once I used it a few times, I realized that this thing could be fun.

I used to draw a lot as a kid. My brother is an artist, and let’s be honest, I probably won’t ever produce something as good as what he’s putting out, but I still like to draw. I’m not great at it, but it’s fun for me. So when Kerry and I were discussing getting a haircut, and we both remembered a ridiculous situation that happened to us, I decided to get out a notepad and draw a little comic. Kerry liked it so much that we thought it’d be fun to have a comic series on the blog, cataloging some of the more humorous events of our life.

I drew this out on paper, scanned it in to Elements, and then used the Wacom to draw on top of it. I then erased the original scanned layer. I’m sure any cartoonist or web comic artist knows this, or knows much better ways to do it. But it was fun. Fun enough that I think this is going to be a continuing thing on the blog. Look for more “adventures” of Kerry and Andy every month.

Click the image below to read the full comic.

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