Is there a garage makeover in my future?

Is there a garage makeover in my future?

I sure hope so!

I’ve seen a few really amazing garage makeovers lately that have me daydreaming about someday turning mine into something, well, tolerable.  I know the garage I have will never be amazing, but I’ll be happy with functional, organized and safe.  Um, yeah, I fell through the floor once.

Like these great makeovers below, from Country Living and Domino, I’d love to add some shelves, hooks, and storage. A nice coat of paint inside and out would also do wonders. I think these changes are all totally do-able. But oh my goodness it won’t be fun.

1. From Country Living (online here) 2 and 3. Photos from Domino as seen on Design Darling Compare those to the disaster area I’m dealing with. Uggghhh. and the really, really scary stairs — you can’t see from this picture that every step is a different size Ugh, these pictures are totally embarrassing! But in our defense, only probably about 10% of this mess is even ours. Some of it has probably been lying in there for a hundred years! Eek.

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