It’s 2018!! Here’s This Year’s Home Reno To-Do List!

It’s 2018!! Here’s This Year’s Home Reno To-Do List!

Hello! Long time no talk. Seriously, sooo long. HAPPY 2018! We had our last holiday parties of the year this past weekend, so we can finally start getting back into the swing of real life, which feels good. I kind of just want life to be routine again… or as routine as life is when you’re constantly updating your house!

Which brings us right into today’s topic … our 2018 to-do list! We like to start each year with a general idea of what projects we want to tackle. Of course we often veer from the list when things happen (like last year when we had to unexpectedly cut down trees in our back yard which is NOT cheap or fun or pretty), but just like I start every day with a to-do list, I pretty much just love lists! Check out some of our past lists: 2017, 2016, 20152014, 2013. (And can we just laugh at this New Year’s post from 2011 when we challenged ourselves to make 52 homemade meals in a year?! Now I think our goal would be the opposite… can we PLEASE eat out 52 times this year?? Haha.)

This year’s list:

  • Would you believe we bought a new master bathroom vanity, oh, six+ months ago… new bathroom medicine cabinet three months ago … new bathroom lighting over a YEAR ago… and not one thing has been done?! 2018 is the year of the bathroom! I’m calling it now!
  • And speaking of bathrooms, the kids’ bathroom is the only room in the house that we’ve done zero to, and it’s about time that changed. It’s a blank slate just waiting for some inspiration. So, hey inspiration, you can strike any minute now, ok?
  • I don’t think we’ve ever shared official photos of our office area, which is one side of our family/playroom. We have some big plans to add much-needed storage and organization, and of course I’d love to add a little style while we’re at it! All of which it’s sorely lacking currently.
  • We have been working on the railing situation in our kitchen for over a year now, and while phase one is 99% done (we just need to touch up the paint and take photos — I loooove what we did), we need to start on the other part of the project, which we’re very logically calling “phase two.” Hopefully phase two won’t take another year!
  • Now that Joey is the big TWO, her room needs a few updates. She doesn’t need a “big-girl” room yet, but we’ll call it a “toddler room” — no more changing table, more storage.
  • The open shelves in our kitchen are sagging and it’s driving me a bit bonkers. I think we’ll replace them with some pretty wood shelves.
  • We’ve made a ton of changes to the family room recently, including a new rug, painting the fireplace, and rearranging the furniture, and now it needs some finishing touches of the decorating variety… the fun stuff.
  • The back yard. Oh our poor sad, neglected back yard. It definitely needs something… some new landscaping, maybe some new furniture, maybe even a whole new patio/deck or Andy’s dream outdoor kitchen. We don’t know yet what we’re going to do back there this year, but we’ll probably spend the next four months of winter trying to decide!

So that’s our big list for 2018. I’m sooo excited to start tackling some of these problem areas around our house and also see what other projects we end up doing that we haven’t even dreamed of yet! What’s on your to-do list for the year? Tell us all about it!

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