It’s Always Happy Hour Here | Our DIY Happy Hour Sign

It’s Always Happy Hour Here | Our DIY Happy Hour Sign

Well, first of all… CHECK IT OUT! We gave ourselves a makeover this weekend. We got a whole new look, took a bunch of new pictures of ourselves (always awkward), updated our logo, and it feels like a fresh, modern Burritos and Bubbly! We’re considering this Phase One of a big update we’ve been dreaming up on for a while. Please bear with us as some things may be wonky over the next few days or, uh, weeks as we continue to make changes. If anything is ever not working for you or looks seriously messed up (besides all the old posts that may not line up right), let us know! And, tell us, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW LOOK???

So on to happy hour.

We had this empty wall in our dining room that I stared at every night over dinner and really wanted to fill with something fun. We decided we’d like a sign but didn’t want it to say anything predictable like “Eat” or “Family.” Then we figured, well, what’s more fun than happy hour?! Some plain 8″ paper mache letters from the craft store were easily transformed with black and white paint to make this super fun, super simple sign that has a lot of pow in the room. I love how the letters literally pop off the wall since they’re thick, but also how the painted black edges create a drop shadow effect. We stuck with the black and white palette to match everything else going on in the room (like the painted salt and pepper shakers we made), but this would be a great project to do in a bright pop of color.

The hardest part? Finding a letter O. Seriously, there were no Os in Ohio. For whatever reason, all of our local craft stores were out of Os. I even broke down and ordered one online paying ridiculous shipping fees… only to get an email a couple weeks later that the O was out of stock. Whaaat? So, it took me about a month to finally track down an O and get this project finished!

This DIY project is crazy easy — #1 buy the letters, #2 paint them whatever color you want, #3 hang them up with command strips — so there isn’t any tutorial to go along with this. I just wanted to show you our cute new sign. Now it’s always happy hour at our house!

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