Joey Lulu: 5 Months Old!

Joey Lulu: 5 Months Old!

Joey turned five-months old over the weekend. She’s getting so big and really turning into a little girl so fast. We measured her at 14 pounds and 25 inches tall, which is exactly how tall she was last month… so I know we messed up because she’s outgrowing the clothes that fit last month! She’s sweet and mostly happy and still sleeping great through the night (though she’s had trouble going to bed the last couple nights and was pretty much fussy and grumpy alllll weekend).

Of course when we set up a little photoshoot for her five-month pictures she decided to make grump face in every one, ha, so this one above was the best we could get. Sorry Joey! So I’ll include a bunch of random photos from my phone where we’re having more fun!

This is one of my favorite photos OF ALL TIME. That outfit. That smile. She’s just too cute.

And too cool for school on the hammock in the back yard.

These two are going to be best friends. One of Joey’s favorite things now is to hang out in the back yard. She loves looking at the trees and watching Ruby run around and just laughs and laughs. It’s so cute. I take a picnic blanket out there and thank my lucky stars that the midges aren’t too bad this year!

Her eyes are dark blue with a bit of green. We’re waiting to see what color they’ll end up, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they turn brown like Andy’s.

Joey is also desperately trying to sit up and put her feet in her mouth — two activities that take up most of her waking moments (she still takes several naps every day). She tries so hard to sit up and gets so frustrated that she isn’t quite strong enough yet. I bet she’ll be sitting and rolling and putting her feet in her mouth all the time in the next month!

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